5 Things to Ask Before You Have Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting Before and AfterCoolsculpting® is a noninvasive procedure to eliminate fat bulges on your belly, hips, thighs and double chin.  It is extremely important to choose the right medical professional to perform the procedure.  Here are 5 questions to ask during your consultation.

Q. Will an experienced physician be performing my procedure?
The changes from Coolsculpting are permanent so you need to make sure the actual placement of the Coolsculpting handpiece and initiation of each cycle is performed by a physician with years of experience.

Q. Do I have to pay up front for a lot of procedures when I have never tried Coolsculpting before?
Many unethical medispas and aesthetic centers try to get patients to commit to packages of many treatments at a high up front cost to “save money”.  They even provide loans through various other parties to get the patient to sign on the dotted line. You  should only pay for the treatments you receive at the time.  If you like them, you will return to the same office.  Don’t allow yourself to be locked into future procedures  you may not need or want.

Q. Does the practice have all the available handpieces to obtain the best results?
The Coolsculpting device has many handpieces to handle patients of all different sizes and shapes.  The newest available have shorter treatment times with excellent results.  Make sure the practice has all the Coolsculpting™ abdomenavailable devices including the CoolCurve for flanks, Coolfit for inner thighs, 8.0 large abdomen handpiece, CoolSmooth Pro for outer thighs, and CoolMini for the double chin.

Q. Does the Practice take a full set of body photos to allow you to measure your progress?
The results of Coolsculpting take time.  It is impossible to remember exactly what you looked like from all angles months ago.  Full body photography in a dedicated photo area ensures you will be able to tell how well the process worked for you  and determine if you would like to pursue additional treatments for the best results.

Q. What if I am one of the rare patients who get a side effect such as nerve pain.  Who will help me?
Make sure your procedure is done by a board certified M.D. who can prescribe medication in the very rare case of nerve pain that responds to prescription non-narcotic medication.  Aestheticians and nurse run practices are not able to manage rare side effects that can occur with many aesthetic procedures such as Coolsculpting, laser treatments, and injectables such as filler and Botox.

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