I’m a Smoker. How Can I Save My Skin?

Recently, Dr. Wise was featured in NY Magazine, where she talks about skincare tips for smokers.nonsmoking image

Five ways that smoking negatively impacts your skin:

  1. Smoking robs your skin of oxygen.
  2. It causes more broken capillaries and dilated blood vessels, leading to uneven skin tones and redness.
  3. It makes collagen and elastin, the essence of youthful skin, break down much faster.
  4. Squinting and pursing your lips causes increased lines around the mouth and brows.
  5. It decreases vitamin-A levels in the skin, creating drier skin.

Dr. Wise offers a couple skincare advices for smokers including:CEFerulic

  • Wear a SPF 30 or above every day, on top of an antioxidant serum such as Skinceuticals CE Ferrulic.
  • Wash your face daily with a wash containing glycolic acid such as Revision Brightening Wash.
  • Use Vitamin A containing Retinols such as Avene Retrinal nightly.

Please read more at I’m a Smoker. How Can I Save My Skin?

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