Pre-Pixel Instructions

  1. It is imperative to protect the treated skin from the sun for a full 4 weeks prior to the Pixel.  This is best accomplished by the use of SPF 30 sunscreen daily (preferably containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) and a hat worn during times of greater exposure to the sun’s rays.  Any tan or “color” from the sun can cause side effects.
  2. We highly recommend an over the counter medication called Topicaine, which can be obtained from our office.  Thirty minutes before your appointment, apply the gel generously to your face and rub in.  Repeat the application again 10 minutes before your treatment. One 30 gram tube costs about $50 and is good for approximately 2 treatments.  This medication is extremely safe and effective when used as directed.
  3. To avoid bruising, discontinue aspirin and ibuprofen for 1 week prior to a Pixel treatment.
  4. Let your doctor know if you have a tendency for cold sores (herpes simplex) or skin infections. You will likely need to take medication to prevent cold sores during and after the procedure.

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